Wenatchee Junior Gets Opportunity in Legislature’s Page Program

Each week during the legislative session in Olympia, students between the ages of 14-16 can learn about government through a page program. Wenatchee High School’s Estella Navarro just finished her time working with Senator Brad Hawkins and had the opportunity to see legislators work together to get bills passed, but also got some practical experience.

“In Page school we got to make a mock bill and you get to actually try the bill in a committee in a hearing room where they would have committee hearings for an actual bill and peers from your page school class would vote on it too.”

Navarro’s bill focused on starting time for high schools. But that wasn’t the best part.

“I think the coolest part was I would walk into Senator’s offices or into the secret backstage parts of it and no one would bat an eye. They’d just smile and say hello.”

Navarro, who is planning on becoming a lawyer, said she strongly recommends the program, even for those who aren’t interested in law or government because it really shows how the government works.

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