Wenatchee School Board Opts to Bring Back Rifle

Wenatchee High School

The Wenatchee School Board agreed in a unanimous decision Tuesday to allow a rifle to be stored in the building, for use by the School Resource Officer in an active shooter situation.

Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown, School Resource Officer Jared Reinfeld and WHS principal Eric Anderson all spoke in favor of allowing the weapon back into the facility. The rifle had previously been stored in the high school before the school board removed it earlier in the year citing insurance reasons. The board then made themselves available for public comment while school officials also discussed the matter with a parent advisory group.

Said Crown, “I’m appreciative for the school board taking a lot of the comments and really listening and seeing the logic. I appreciate the fact that they wanted to get additional public comment and that’s a good practice for any school board. Now that the decision is made we’ll move forward with getting [the rifle] back in there. It’s a good move by the school board.”

The rifle will be stored inside a safe that has been bolted to the floor, inside of a locked room.

For many the issue was all about distance, specifically at WHS.

“So one of my comments in the school board meeting tonight was about the distance for a School Resource Officer to get from the parking lot to the actual school where something may be occurring. That’s not necessarily the case with some of our other schools. I think that was our major concern; the high school being the largest congregation of our students as well as the distance that it takes to get from the parking lot to the facility itself.”

The school board will now rewrite part of their contract with the city as well as some of their policy to reflect the decision.



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