Wenatchee School Board Selects Three Finalists for Superintendent Position

The Wenatchee School Board announced that they have selected three finalists to be interviewed February 19th through the 21st as they search for their next superintendent. Communications Director Diana Haglund says they will announce the name of each finalist the day before they interview in the public forum.

“We’re just trying to maintain the integrity of the search and can have a nice clean slate for people when they show up for their final interview. We’re excited to be able to announce those the day before and people can meet those candidates and learn a little bit more about them during the public forum.”

The forums will be held from 3:30 through 5:30 at the High School.

“The finalists chosen are all incredible,” says Wenatchee School Board President Sunny Hemphill. “I can’t wait for our stakeholders to meet the finalists and provide feedback that will help the Board make our final selection.”

More information on the superintendent search is available at wenatcheeschools.org/superintendent-search.

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