Wenatchee Snowfall Well Above Average with More to Come

Multiple massive snow storms have the Wenatchee Valley over the past few days. National Weather Service Meteorologist Jeffrey Cote says they’re seeing numbers of between 8 and nearly 16 inches fallen since this month.

“On average, you can see 2.5-5 inches of snow for the Wenatchee Valley in the month of February.”

Another storm is expected to hit North Central Washington Thursday which could drop another 3-6 inches of snow in the Valley and more in the highlands.

“We’re not really moving into a quieter pattern as a whole. There will still be systems coming through and going into the next couple weeks, we’re still seeing below normal temperatures and at least a chance of snow showers.”

Cote says historical records of snow fall in the Wenatchee area are inconsistent, so it’s hard to tell if our February will break a record for the month.

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