Wildland Fire Strategic Plan Meeting on April 30th

North Central Washington residents will be able to hear the state Department of Natural Resources wildland fire protection strategic plan on April 30th. DNR Spokeswoman Janet Pearce says there will be a lot of information.

“What we plan on doing at these open houses is present what our thoughts are, but then we’re going to have an open forum and have little stations throughout the room so people can have more of a one-on-one experience and share their concerns and experiences with wildfire.”

The meeting will take place at the Confluence Technology Center from 4-7.

Pearce says it’s important to be a two-way conversation.

“These open houses are to provide an opportunity for community members to learn about what the strategic plan will be and they have input in this, so the public is going to help provide feedback in the development of a strategic plan.”

They do ask that you register, and you can do so at the event website.

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