Winthrop Siblings fall short in qualifying for Olympic XC Event final

Sadie and Erik Bjornsen

Winthrop, WA.  siblings Sadie and Erik Bjornsen did not fare well at the Olympic Cross Country Skiing Sprint Classic in Pyeongchang.  Our news partner iFiber One News reports both skiers just missed qualifying for the finals.

Sadie Bjornsen finished ninth in a qualifying heat and Erik Bjornsen finished 30th in his qualifying heat.
Both skiers would improve in later heats.  Sadie sprinted in the fourth heat, placing third. However, only the top two skiers from each heat qualified and Sadie was out of the semifinals.

Her brother Erik failed to reach his semifinal with a fifth place finish in qualifying.

Sweden’s Stina Nilsson earned the gold medal for Ladies Sprint Classic and Johannes Klaebo from Norway took the Men’s  gold.

The women’s Silver medal went to Norway’s Maiken Falla and Italy’s Federico Pellegrino earned the men’s Silver.

 Olympic athletes from Russia took home the bronze for both men, Alexander Bolshunov and women, Yulia Belorukova.

The next cross-country ski events are the Ladies 10K Freestyle on Thursday, Feb. 15 and the Men’s 15K Freestyle on Friday, Feb. 16.

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