Woman Surrounded By Wolf Pack, Rescued in Okanogan County

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Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said a research student was rescued by helicopter Thursday when she was surrounded by wolves about 25 miles northeast of Winthrop.

Rogers said the incident was near Tiffany Spring Campground where the student was surveying the area and came across wolves.  The woman was able to climb a tree to safety while the pack of wolves surrounded the tree 30 feet below.  Okanogan County Search and Rescue and Sheriff’s Deputies responded along with a helicopter from the Department of Natural Resources. The pilot confirmed there were wolves in the area and was able to land and rescue the student.

Sheriff Rogers said he is concerned about the incident because the location of the encounter is in a popular recreation area near campgrounds so his office will investigate if there was a den or a possible kill site nearby that would present a danger to people.

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