Little Camas Fire 95 Percent Contained, Type 3 Team Takes Command

The Little Camas Fire is 95 percent contained as of Friday morning. Janet Pearce with DNR says a Type 3 team took over this morning and released the Type 2 team.

“Our crews are mopping up, making sure all the hot spots are out. We do have some hotter and drier weather coming in this weekend, so we will have a crew monitoring this just to make sure nothing pops back up.”

Pearce says they hope to have the fully contained by the end of the weekend.

“They’ll still have those resources on through the weekend and hopefully do a complete mopup and should be 100 percent contained shortly.”

The crew is watching the skies however.

“We may get some stronger weather, like dry lightning and if we have lightning bursts; that’s what we’re concerned about.”

The fire is estimated at a little less than 317 acres

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